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Scam emails – Notification:Password-Expiry

NEVER click a link in an email that asks you to verify, update, change or keep your exiting password or security information unless you have started the process from a trusted source. If you receive such an email and you are unsure of it’s validity, please go to the trusted website relevant, i.e., etc.
Here’s a short list of companies that regularly have potential scam emails related to them;
  • Microsoft
  • Office 365
  • PayPal
  • Ebay
  • All high street banks
  • Cloud Providers (OneDrive – Google Docs – Dropbox etc.)
  • Parcel delivery tracking (UPS and DHL most common to be associated with scam emails)
There are many scam emails doing the rounds at the moment in particular the “Office 365  Password Expiry“.
Example bogus email related to Office 365­-­IT­” <>.  —– NOTE THE SENT FROM ADDRESS
Date: 02 April 2020 at 10:30:22 BST
To: Your Name<>
Subject: Notification:Password-Expiry
P⁠as⁠swo⁠rd Ex⁠pi⁠ry No⁠tifi⁠cat⁠ion

Office 365

P⁠as⁠swo⁠rd for e⁠xp⁠ire⁠s t⁠oda⁠y

You can c⁠ont⁠in⁠ue us⁠in⁠g yo⁠ur c⁠urre⁠nt p⁠as⁠sw⁠or⁠d via the li⁠nk b⁠elo⁠w.

C⁠ont⁠inue us⁠in⁠g yo⁠ur cu⁠rre⁠nt p⁠as⁠sw⁠ord (Link Disabled)⁠ Support
If you have received an email like this recently and have actioned it, please contact your go to IT help or  contact us for assistance. 

BT claim they will disconnect your service

Lately scammers are contacting more and more people claiming to be BT and suggesting that services will be disconnected in 24/48 hours…

Some calls have been know to be automated and whilst other are live conversations, they are completely fake and are to be ignored.

Fake Canon Support sites

Type: Scam websites

Affected: Owners of Canon printers encountering problems with aftermarket ink that produces the error code B203 are directed to multiple scam websites offering to fix this issue.

Scam: Users that call the support number have their computers taken over by remote access (logmein) and are advised that the error can be fixed for a fee and also that the antivirus being used is no good and you should use theirs (which is costly and unnecessary).

Example site: (link disbaled)

Comment: Please visit the official Canon site for support

Compromised: Users that have already been compromised it is advised that you shut down your computer and call our support services (01432 700110) or your own IT support contractor.