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Following a Cyber Action plan we can help strengthen your company’s security providing active monitoring to protect your devices and data

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We strive to ensure our clients’ data and devices are as secure as they can be.

We don’t know of a company which can guarantee you 100% protection against a cyber attack. However, we do everything we can to reduce the chances of an intrusion of your company data, hardware and services.

Our security protocols cover everything from managed cloud security for your devices, multi-factor authentication for email and accounting websites to encryption of data and robust back-ups.

Here are a few of the key security measures we would implement:

  • Security awareness for you and your staff
  • Cloud monitored security for your devices
  • Secure password changes for devices and email
  • Enforced multi-factor authentication for email and financial websites
  • Strict firewall rules and closure of vulnerable open ports

One of the best defences against the bad guys is a security-aware workforce

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Sidney Nolan Trust

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Windows server migration and cabinet installation

From 10 October 2023, Windows server will no longer receive security updates, security patches, bug fixes and general support from Microsoft. We were instructed to replace the old server and add a few new network points leading back to a new server cabinet.

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